Thursday, December 8, 2011

prayer is invasion

"Few things have contributed to spiritual barrenness in the church Christ founded as has the idea that prayer is mere quiet, meditational passivism. There is a time to be silent. There is a time to be still. To know the awesomeness of God's person and presence. But prayer is alive. It is aloud with praise, aglow with warmth, attuned with song, aflame with power. We're under instructions to change the world. Once you have been rescued from it, you'll need power to become a threat to it. The world which contained you in its grasp until now, will not release its hold on others without a fight. Power is the key to our victory, and prayer is the pathway to power." ~Jack Hayford in Prayer Is Invading The Impossible


Adrienne said...

would love to see a post of your new home and your baby bump sometime... :)

jeny said...

I'm back!
Hope to woo you back too ;)