Saturday, June 11, 2011

Back in the Midwest

Well, after lots of packing and unpacking, lots of exhausted driving and lots of help from friends and family, we have successfully relocated from Boston to Chicago! Although, technically, we are just outside of Chicago, in the Oak Park area. I don't have many pictures of our place because I took these off my phone, but I will load more soon. The yellow brick in the foreground is our place...

The last two weeks have been weird. We caught up on sleep and have tried to make the place feel like home, but I think we're both pining for something more permanent. And we miss Boston. Its funny to experience a little bit of culture shock coming from there to here, when I grew up here. But still. I miss the plants and trees and green EVERYWHERE. I miss the curvy, hilly streets and the crammed packed-ness that you feel in Boston. I miss our park across the street and I miss our backyard. Even Dolly was feeling depressed. Like the picture, she just laid around for days, not understanding and breaking my heart.


Our new neighborhood is nicer and cleaner and our new apartment is bigger and sunnier! And thank goodness, I found a job right away and I am full time babysitting for two little cuties just ten minutes away, named Lucas and Clara. Scott has a bathroom renovation for some good friends of ours next week in Michigan City. Now if I could just find a teaching position for the fall!


Anonymous said...

Love you, Jayme, and love having you closer, of course! Praying for both of you as you continue to settle in to Chicago life. See you soon :) Lorimom

Adrienne said...

So fun to see pics. of your life in Chicago. Interesting how you miss Boston, even though at times I know you just couldn't wait to get out of there and be closer to your family! :) Glad it holds a special place in your heart.

We're looking forward to coming to visit you at your new home!

jeny said...

We love your new place even if it's only for a year or two. You've so quickly set up, that I hope it begins to feel like home as quickly.
Praying for you every day!